UnMuzzle Your Inner Sheep Seminar: June 18th, Kitchener: Hazelglen Alliance Church

Hearing the word ‘evangelism’ sends a shiver down the spine of many Christians. Ever had these thoughts come into your mind?

“I won’t know what to say.” “I want to get to know the person better.” “They seem like they wouldn’t be open to the Gospel.” “Evangelism is not my spiritual gift.”

At Light the Darkness Ministries (LDM) we are convinced the majority of Christians have a deep desire to witness. The problem is this—they’ve never been shown how to do it!

In response to this age old problem we’ve created the UnMuzzle Your Inner Sheep Seminar. We created this interactive half-day seminar for new and mature Christians, the introverts and the extroverts and everyone in-between.

So, what makes this seminar of ours so unique? Why would you want to come and be part of this Saturday morning seminar? The answer is simple. Because it works! People leave our seminars with a new passion for sharing their faith and with practical basic tools to help them on their journey.

Our seminar has been designed to move people forward to develop over time a lifestyle that leads to sharing faith with friends and loved ones. This seminar is so unique it will instantly open your eyes to a totally new way of witnessing and it will show you how to begin immediately.

I don’t have to tell you the church at large is shrinking in numbers and many in this country and province have had to close their doors. Now is the time to remind ourselves (once again) of The Great Commission and the part that Jesus calls all of us to play in it.

Our prayer is that you will,
1. Forward this post to 10 of your closest church friends,
2. Talk to your pastor about coming to check it out for himself, and
3. Plan on being there yourself AND bring a friend.

Our seminar costs are $30.00 couple / $20.00 single / $15.00 student.

For more information and how to register, please visit www.lightthedarkness.org

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