Let’s Learn to Talk About our Faith

Walking the life is important…but talking is important too!

I think that most followers of Christ, even though they would like to share, hesitate to share the good news of Jesus because of their own fear.

They are afraid they may say the wrong thing,

They are afraid of rejection,

And they are afraid of what that rejection will do to their relationship.

Besides, most believers haven’t a clue where to begin that conversation.

That’s why I am letting you know about a workshop that will be held at the Freedom House Church and Healing Centre (8023 Hiway 7, East, Guelph) on Saturday, October 15th (8:30am-3pm), titled: Talk the Walk Workshop(Helping Christians Share their faith).

In this workshop we will discover:

  1. How to take the truth of Jesus outside of your church walls
  2. How not to be afraid when you bring Jesus into your everyday world
  3. How God equips and calls introverts to share as well as extroverts
  4. How one church plant grew from 18 to 170 people in 5 years
  5. That there are already key resources available such as:

Christianity Explored

“In all my years of ministry, Christian Explored, without a doubt, has been the most effective outreach tool we have ever used.”

-Pastor Erick Kalmbach, Markham Bible Chapel

While similar to Alpha program in format, Christianity Explored offers a more modern presentation, has a stronger emphasis on scripture and a theological orientation that has broader appeal.

H20- A Journey of Faith

This dynamically contemporary DVD series that is the latest generation of the Alpha/Christian Explored concept that a pastor friend of mine in South Western Ontario heavily used for his church’s outreach and by the grace of God has grown his attendance over 944%. And by the way one of the Pastors’s at Crossings Church in Acton, Kellen Wiersma, will be one of the presenters on October 15.

Just Walk Across the Room – Simple Steps Pointing People to Faith

Based on the book by Bill Hybels, Senior Pastor of Willow Creek Community Church .

God calls us to share the Good News. And, yes, for only a small investment of $30 each (which includes lunch and snacks) this workshop will help equip both extroverts and introverts with tools on how to do just that.

So, mark your calendar and plan to join us. Why not bring along a friend who shares your passion to learn? On the basis of past workshops I promise you that both of you will be encouraged. But that’s not all—you will begin a new walk of sharing Christ with a freedom you’ve never had before.

I think that most believers are fearful about witnessing, and haven’t a clue where to begin. So let’s take those baby steps of preparing so that we can begin fulfilling the command of Jesus to take our “good news”to this desperately needy generation. JUST GO TO www.lightthedarkness.org for more details and information on how to register.

Rev Roy Hamel
Executive Director
Light the Darkness Ministries

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