Jesus: More Than Itty-Bitty Baby

This Christmas millions will for a short time focus thoughts and hearts on a tiny baby. Even some shopping malls showcase scenes of Nativity. For merchants know, yes they know that Jesus is the source of Christmas, and Christmas profits.

And so the Baby is squirreled away within the very temple of mammon. In sleep, exuding peace and serenity, He is displayed as tiny, meek, and mild.

The image while not false is not wholly true. For while shoppers bustle, while carolers sing, while sellers sell, the Ancient Power sleeps not, nor ever did, nor ever will.

Come with me now and watch awhile. Look with me at the tiny babe enclosed in strawy manger. Before our watching eyes He transforms Himself.

He morphs into a rugged man clothed in white. Still we watch, and then we see only the dazzling image of one clothed in the whitest of light. And how it happens we know not, only that it does, but we see ourselves transported back—back to the very beginning of all things.

We hear peals of laughter coming from the Dazzling One. Back, back He stretches His arm, and then with a fluid throwing motion He casts points of light into the darkened sky. But wait, for points of light they are not—they are stars—and we continue to watch as He throws again and again. We see Orion formed in the blink of an eye, and then with another toss the big dipper is pasted into place, Cassiopeia, the familiar big “W” is hurled into the ebony darkness. Then He grabs a huge handful of light and flings a whole galaxy into the cosmos, and then another, and yet another. This dazzling One—this Baby transformed before our very eyes has become the joyful designer, architect, creator of our glorious world and a million others.

Yes, this itty-bitty baby snuggled warmly in Mary’s arms is Himself the awesome Creator of a hundred million galaxies. “All things came into being through Him; and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being”(John 1:3).

O Ancient of Days! O Power who appears to sleep! You were there before all eternity—there with the Father, delighting in His presence and He in yours. Joyously, together you made the worlds, a beautiful cosmos—your marvelous gift to the sons and daughters of men.

O Lord of glory! You laid aside glory to take on human flesh, to be “God with us.” Jesus, I know it is but baby doll that sleeps in crèche, for you Lord of Lords and King of Kings, sleep not. Master and Friend, it is we who sleep. Be merciful to frenzied, sleepwalking, bustling shoppers. Wake us up to you, O Ancient, sleepless Power, enfleshed in tiny baby.

Published in The Fountain Pen, December, 2016

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