Four Reasons why people reject Christianity

In the past 20 years or so, I have frequently pondered why so many in contemporary culture reject Christian belief and practice. Fact is people in Western societies seem to be more and more resistant to embrace Christianity.

Why are so many resistant to the claims of Jesus and the good news that he brings? Let’s explore four common reasons.

1. “There are too many hypocrites in the church.” If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard this, I would be a wealthy man. Sadly, the charge is often true. We have all met Christians whose words are not backed up by their lives. And I don’t excuse their behaviour. But here’s the rub — any fair-minded person will readily agree there are hypocrites in every club and in every gathering of people. You will find them in the political arena, in student associations, in neighbourhood gatherings, in your local sports club—I could go on and on, but we all get it. Nobody rejects politics, neighbourhood associations or dart clubs because they contain some hypocrites. Just maybe, “there are too many hypocrites,” is simply a handy excuse for a good many people. Sadly, for many, on the day of judgment it will not be an excuse that impresses God.

2. “I’m having too much fun living like I am.” Now I doubt that most would put it so bluntly. But I’m sure this thought comes to mind when some are challenged to follow Christ. And to be sure there is pleasure, fun and excitement in following immoral inclinations: The Bible teaches this fact in Hebrews 11:25 — there truly is pleasure in sin — at least for a brief period of time. Countless numbers are not willing to give up illicit pleasures and have their lives transformed. Many think it total foolishness, yes, even a nutty decision to give up certain pleasures in order to follow Christ. To put it bluntly this thinking is totally valid if this world is all there is. After all, let’s get the gusto now. But there is a world to come—and since Jesus will judge every person—this thinking is seriously flawed.

3. “I don’t need God; I’m fine just as I am.” People in Western secular culture have lost the concept of the fall of mankind. They tend to think of themselves as born in a neutral state, or perhaps more frequently as born in a state of moral goodness. However, the Bible teaches plainly that people are not born basically good, but rather in sin with the tendency to walk in crooked paths. But those who are “just fine as they are” have absolutely no concept that God sees them as lost. They do not understand that outside of Christ everyone is under God’s judgment—a truly dangerous place to be. Fact is, you’re not okay and I’m not okay apart from the forgiveness that Christ brings.

4. “Christians are too judgmental and intolerant.” Increasingly this is a common reason why people back away from embracing Christ. But as a matter of fact, this is a relatively new reason. Sixty years ago secular culture and Christian culture more or less shared the same value system. But that’s no longer the case. Modern secular society is hell bent on overturning the old consensus on ethics and values. And to a large extent they have succeeded. Historic Christianity, however, has maintained the old ethics and now finds itself accused of intolerance and being judgmental. And yes, from the point of view of the new ethics Christians may appear intolerant. For we believe in revealed truth that does not change. But, it often appears that those who fling the charge of intolerance, are in fact, the intolerant ones. After all, the Christian ethic has not changed in 2,000 years while controversial modern ethical views have been around for less than 100 years.

In the end none of the “reasons” above are good reasons to reject Christ. I believe God sees them as thinly contrived excuses. Fact is, today is the only certain day we have—today is a very good day to put faith and trust in Jesus—on the coming Day of Judgment it will be far too late.

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