Let’s Stand with the Jews

The Guelph Mercury/January 24/2015 By Royal Hamel Jews are increasingly feeling frightened all over the world. Is it any wonder? In many parts of Europe synagogues are being defaced, and Jewish men and women are in danger of attacks in the streets. In some cases men prudently take off their traditional skull caps before going out in public. There are… (more…)

Loving our Muslim Neighbour

We had a powerful conference last November in Guelph on “Isis and the Cross.” Clearly, everyone who attended left with a deeper understanding of Islam and how to respond to it. I was touched by the many who took the time to shake my hand, thanking me profusely for hosting the day. It was clear to me that many, if… (more…)

ISIS and the CROSS

Here is an update and a schedule for the conference scheduled for Nov. 22, 2014 in Guelph. Light the Darkness Ministries and Priory Park Baptist Church are hosting a conference on Islam on November 22, 2014. Once again this conference will focus on education. But it will also focus on how we as Christians should be responding to the world’s… (more…)


October 29, 2014 Dear Friends, For some weeks now I have been planning to host a conference on Islam. Seeing the emergence of ISIS and its stunning brutality towards its victims first prompted me to such action. Suddenly my planning was interrupted by two jarring events. First, in Quebec an Islamist killed a soldier using a car as a weapon.… (more…)

Let’s not Tolerate an Unbiblical Tolerance

If we could see into the heart of most Canadians I believe we would see a little goddess called See-no-evil perched prominently on their souls. I think the same goddess is carried by multitudes of Christians into services every Sunday. It has been observed that if you keep telling people the same lie over and over again that it will… (more…)

Why Do People Reject Jesus?

Four common reasons why people reject Christianity In the past 20 years or so, I have frequently pondered why so many in contemporary culture reject Christian belief and practice. Fact is, that people in our Western culture seem to be more and more resistant to embrace Christianity. Why do so many seem so resistant to the claims of Jesus and… (more…)

Yes, Christians Should Care

Should Christians care about prostitutes? Prostitution Tony Bock,News services A young woman works the corner of Gerrard and Jarvis Streets in Toronto in 2009. By Royal Hamel   Just over a week ago a small group of us met in a private home to discuss prostitution in Canada. After light refreshments we viewed a 40 minute documentary, entitled Hope for the Sold(widely… (more…)

Can Cultural Christianity Save Us?

Cultural Christianity can be dangerously confusing Recently at my favourite sports club I had a serious wake up call. I had casually confided to an atheist friend that a recent visitor to the club and I shared something in common — we were both Christians. With a bemused expression, my friend shot back that he was puzzled I would say… (more…)

Delivering Men from Porn Addiction

For quite some time now I have been deeply concerned with the pornography epidemic that is ravaging men in our society. I wish that I did not have to admit that apparently it’s a huge problem for Christian men as well. Fact is, it is almost certainly at epidemic levels in many of our churches. Our society with its relativistic… (more…)


Guelph based pastor and journalist, Royal Hamel, has published his first book. Unmuzzle Your Inner Sheep: Liberating Believers to Share Jesus will be officially launched from 10am to Noon on May 25, 2013 at the Salvation Army Citadel located at 1320 Gordon St in Guelph. George Barna has stated that although more than 100 million Americans attend church weekly the… (more…)