Good People Don’t Go to Heaven

“Imagine there’s no heaven, It’s easy if you try. No hell below us, Above us only sky. Imagine all the people living for today…” So opens the 1971 song by John Lennon which easily became the most famous song of his solo career. Although many have interpreted the song in a multitude of ways, Lennon is fundamentally pointing people away… (more…)

Significant Tax Incentives for Donations

I hope you all had a great Christmas this year! With December 31’st being only 3 days away I wanted to reach out to you, as one of the Directors for Light the Darkness Ministries, to give you yet another reason to financially support this important ministry. It has to do with the tax incentives given by our Federal and… (more…)

Should Christians Specifically be Concerned about Christian Refugees?

The new Liberal government has plans to bring in some 25,000 refugees linked to the Syrian civil war. Christians and churches all across Canada are jumping on the bandwagon. They are raising money, planning, organizing and sponsoring a good many of these needy refugees. I applaud these efforts. I very much support taking in refugees of all sorts whether they… (more…)

How to Face the Dark Door of Death Without Fear

The Door Before me waits the darkened door, Terror’s sharpened claws unfurl, enfold my stricken heart, Yet, gazing more, golden wisps of misty light, Stream to me under lintel, Cascade below the door, Seep through doorpost cracks, Caress, surround, encompass me, Pry open terror’s talons, And black fear falls, forever vanquished, troubling me no more. Beyond the door a loving,… (more…)

Glory We Could Never Have Imagined

The two young people would soon be married. Happiness flowed; and joy, like a gentle fragrance wafted into their thoughts many times a day. For like all such couples they anticipated keenly the fruitful, happy life awaiting them. But massive change came hurtling their way. For the Father threw a cosmic curve ball planned from all eternity into carefully laid… (more…)

What the Guelph Atheist Taught Me

Recently, I had the privilege of attending a debate on the University of Guelph campus. Dr. Chris DiCarlo of the Society of Ontario Free Thinkers, squared off against Christian apologist, Dr. Andy Bannister, of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries to debate the question, “Why am I Here?” The speakers were gracious, knowledgeable and connected well with the audience. Though I came… (more…)

CONFERENCE COMING: IS*IS And the CROSS: Responding to IS*LAM Today: Saturday, Sept. 12

Dear Friends, Here’s the big question: Why are we holding conferences on Islam? First, we seek to educate believers on how they can become effective witnesses to their Muslim neighbours and friends. The mission field is no longer thousands of miles away—it has come to Canada. There are thousands of Muslims living in the greater Toronto area. In our conference,… (more…)

Out-of-Step Christians Should Step up to the Plate

In his insightful article of June 19 in the Guelph Mercury, Robert White raises the question: “Is the Evangelical Church out of Step with the Culture?” White answers his question with an unqualified yes. I have followed cultural trends over the past 40 years, particularly in the field of ethics, analysing them as they relate to the historic Christian faith.… (more…)

Jesus Would Embrace Congregation at Guelph Strip Club

In a casual conversation I recently had with a young couple the man shared that it had been ten years since he had visited Guelph’s infamous strip club, The Manor. Just to have a little fun, I replied that my wife and I go there fairly often. Breaking the shocked silence that followed, I hastily added, “Of course we visit… (more…)

How Should Christians Respond to Radical Islam

       Recently I had the privilege of hearing Irwin Cotler, Liberal MP for Mount Royal in Montreal, speak at the U of Guelph on the rise of anti-Semitism around the world. During the question time I made the following comment: “I am aware of this expression that is common in the Islamic world, ‘First we are coming for… (more…)