Monthly Archives: May 2016

Responding to Jihad: A better way Forward

Dear Friends, Despite Islam being in the news virtually every single day the average person does not understand: 1. the roots of violent Jihad, and 2. Christians do not know how they should respond. Light the Darkness Ministries is sponsoring an evening conference to address both of these issues. Please mark your calendars and register for this upcoming Wednesday, May… (more…)

How to find a safe place in an age of Terrorism

Some time ago I called a meeting so that people could get together and just pray. Among others three people came who were unknown to me. I approached them and asked what had prompted them to come. They shared openly, “We’re scared by the terrorist acts happening around the world. We’re looking for answers.” Their urgency and transparency deeply affected… (more…)

Cultural Christianity? There’s a Better way Forward-Part 3

Have you heard about the Israeli man who applied for a restraining order against God? The unnamed petitioner at the Haifa Magistrate’s Court claimed God had, “been particularly unkind toward him.” Now he wants to bar God from messing with his life. His action was extreme — it might even make us laugh. But lots of people who call themselves… (more…)

Cultural Christianity? There is a better way forward-Part 2

Cultural Christians deserve our pity (though they probably don’t think so) and our help. They are in the unenviable position of believing they have something spiritually genuine when in fact they have only a social veneer instead of true faith. Please don’t get me wrong – I don’t blame them. In many ways it’s not their fault. The vast majority… (more…)