Monthly Archives: April 2016

UnMuzzle Your Inner Sheep Seminar: June 18th, Kitchener: Hazelglen Alliance Church

Hearing the word ‘evangelism’ sends a shiver down the spine of many Christians. Ever had these thoughts come into your mind? “I won’t know what to say.” “I want to get to know the person better.” “They seem like they wouldn’t be open to the Gospel.” “Evangelism is not my spiritual gift.” At Light the Darkness Ministries (LDM) we are… (more…)

Cultural Christianity? There’s a Better Way Forward-Part I

A good many people have the idea Canada is a Christian country. And many would casually think, “Well I may not go to church, and I’m certainly not a `religious’ person, but I was baptized as a baby, I have some vague ideas about Jesus, and I do live in Canada so I suppose I must be some kind of… (more…)

Finding Light in the Crisis

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference. Robert Frost The crisis came to me in my late teens. It became the fork in the road, changing everything else in my life. From my earliest years I remember God being important to me. Walking home from the… (more…)