Monthly Archives: April 2013

Is Christianity Just as Violent as Islam?

In the face of Muslim terrorism we often hear the claim that followers of Christ are just as prone to acts of violence as are some of the followers of Islam. In fact many on the left routinely invoke this kind of comparison. And by making the two religions equivalent on this point they artfully slander Christianity and obscure the… (more…)

Help Stop Sexual Slavery Now

Slavery all over the world is at epic levels. There is a new movement among Christians to battle against this insidious evil that most of us thought had died out long ago. Sex slavery is one of the most prevalent forms of this vile traffic in people. ¬†Innocent young women and children are either sold, tricked or directly abducted and… (more…)

He is Risen–He is Risen Indeed!

Don’t Forget: Jesus beat death and rose again Not long ago, I was lamenting with an older friend of mine about the aches and pains that go along with this thing called aging. Near the end of this animated conversation, he laughingly said that these pains may be a nuisance, but they beat the heck out of dying, because we… (more…)