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Popular novel should be renamed Fifty Shades of Porn

Because of its popularity this is my second post on Fifty Shades. This fuller article was published today. See link below. British writer E. L. James’s erotic home run is flying off the shelves. In the United States alone, almost 20 million copies of the 1,594 page trilogy have been sold. The book has held the top three spots on… (more…)

Fifty Shades of Porn

British writer E. L. James erotic home run is flying off the shelves. In the United States alone almost twenty million copies of the 1594 page trilogy have been sold. The book has held the top three spots on USA Today’s bestselling books list for nine weeks. Not a few people have asked the question, “Why are women by the… (more…)

Alleged Killer/cannibal Luka Magnotta has Plenty of Fans

Yes, it’s unbelievable, but the alleged killer/cannibal, Luka Magnotta, has his own fans on Facebook.  At least he did until the service shut down some 1400 fans because it was deemed  inappropriate. Apparently the fans consisted mostly of teenage girls as well as some older women. The following is a quote from an ABC news article. “I like EVERYTHING about… (more…)

Great Message on Repentance

For the last while I’ve been writing on the important topic of repentance. Sometimes I feel like a lone voice in the wilderness crying out about the virtual loss of this crucial doctrine.  How important is it?  Quite simply there is no true following of Christ without it.  Indeed I think there is no true conversion unless the one who… (more…)

Catholic Bishops Called to Bark Like Dogs

Some Catholics were grievously disappointed that their bishops did not do more to stop the Ontario Liberals from pushing Bill 13 through parliament. Father Alphonse De Valk concludes that with the passage of this bill there is little left of Catholic education that is distinctly Catholic.  He laments that this so called anti-bullying bill will in fact systematically teach Catholic… (more…)

What Does it Mean to Repent?

I heard a rare message on repentance at my home church this last Sunday. David Loney at Crossings Alliance Church did a great job of teaching and laying out what it actually means. The call, “to repent” is sometimes confused with penance.  They are not the same.  To “do penance” which comes to us from the Catholic tradition implies carrying… (more…)

6 Reasons Why Repentance is Missing Today

I know that I’m not the only one who has noticed the teaching of repentance is largely missing in our churches today.  Since our evangelical ancestors made much of it in their preaching and teaching, we do well to ask ourselves why there is so little focus on it in our time.  For starters I am offering the following six… (more…)

Repentance Has Gone Missing

Just a few days ago a friend of mine related a story about his encounter with the leadership of his church.   Rob (not his real name) had expressed concern with the problem of “Christians” among the fellowship who were cohabiting without benefit of marriage. Rob wanted the leaders to take some kind of action. Specifically he wanted them to lovingly… (more…)