Monthly Archives: June 2012

Why is the Catholic Church under Attack?

As I follow Christ I seek to encourage and teach fellow believers to speak about their faith in Jesus. To achieve that end I provide training in witnessing and evangelism and constantly challenge others to boldly talk the walk.   But there is another way of understanding, “talking the walk.”  In my view Christians have the duty and responsibility to… (more…)

Anti-Semitism in Germany

  A regional court in Germany decided that parents can be brought before a judge for causing bodily injury if they have their child circumcised. According to reports neither religious reasons, nor the rights of the parents can be used to justify the procedure.   This does not look good. It especially looks bad that this decision against Jewish people has… (more…)

Blankenhorn Abandons Traditional Marriage

Marriage=One Man + One Woman We live in a time when simply speaking truth is controversial. For a long period of time the general cultural values of the west were more or less comparable to the values of Christianity. That is no longer the case. To define marriage today, for instance, as a union between one man and one woman… (more…)

Nik Wallenda Walked and Talked his Faith in God

On June 15, 2012 Nik Wallenda made history by walking directly over Niagara Falls on a 500 metre tightrope. A day or two after the event I watched a short video clip from ABC news. It was a beautiful sight seeing Nik, resplendent in his red track suit, walking slowly but calmly while defying the roaring monster far below. But… (more…)

Are Europe and the West the New "Dark" Continents?

In an earlier age Christian cross cultural workers went by the thousands from Europe and North America to the continent of Africa. They took with them the message of truth and love found in Jesus Christ. By unswerving commitment to their message and love for the African people they planted the church in a most difficult place.  As a new… (more…)

Can Even a Christian be Sure of Eternal Life?

Shouldn’t religion provide assurance of life after death? A good many people are concerned about what comes after this life. They have deep uneasiness about where they are going after death. I don’t blame them. Death comes knocking for all. Some day each one of us will have a little obituary in the local paper. Where does religious faith play… (more…)