Monthly Archives: October 2011

What Happens in the Next Life to Evil Dictators?

Where is Moammar Gadhafi now? “The dictator is dead, the dictator is dead. Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar!” These cries rang out unceasingly in Libya and other Middle Eastern countries on Thursday morning as word spread that Moammar Gadhafi had been captured and killed. Ruling for some 42 years, Gadhafi was the longest reigning dictator in the world. And for the… (more…)

My First Ever Hip Hop Poem

Yeah, let’s be Talking the Walking So let’s be clear you gotta have words! Your ears, your lips, they ain’t no extravagance. God didn’t deck you out, two at the hairline just to keep your head in balance, God didn’t shape pretty, pinkish puckered mouths just for eating…and…kissing, You gotta have words! For us humans they do the communicating. But,… (more…)


Courageous is a very good movie. And I would recommend that every father try and see it. But, is it cheesy? Does it try and do too much with the story line? Yes to both of those questions. But, often Christian movies are cheesy…this one in my humble opinion is only moderately so. Again let me say that every father… (more…)