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Mom Jailed for Living a Holy Life

Mother of twelve jailed in Germany for refusing to enroll children in sex ed classes BY MATTHEW CULLINAN HOFFMAN Wed Feb 23, 2011 14:26 EST Comments (3) Tags: Christian, Germany, Homeschooling, Sex-Ed RELATED STORIES German Homeschooling Family Seeks Asylum in Canada U.S. Judge Grants Political Asylum to German Homeschoolers German Homeschooling Parents Sentenced to Three Months in Prison Authorities Ask… (more…)

Said Musa Should Not Be Allowed to Die

National Review Online – February 18, 2011 Quiet on the Execution of Afghan Christian Said MusaBy Paul Marshall A terrible drama is unfolding in Afghanistan: There are reports that Said Musa, whose situation I described at Christmas, will soon be executed for the ‘crime’ of choosing to become a Christian. (For background, see here.) Musa was one of about 25… (more…)

Christian World View Shows Why Jesus Came

A few weeks ago, I met a fellow at a local gym. The man was intrigued upon discovering that I was a minister, and commented that it must be a hard time for me these days, with the recent senseless killing of the cop in Toronto with the snowplow, and the equally senseless slaughter of those six people in Arizona.… (more…)

Good, But Not Great

The following is from Mark Cahill’s newsletter found at February 2011 Good, But Not Great As you know, I really enjoy talking with people. I didn’t use to be that way, so I am very thankful that God has given me an interest in people. Remember when you read your Bible what it says in the book of Genesis… (more…)