Monthly Archives: November 2009

Final Words from Argentina

Today is our fifth day in Buenos Aires and it has been for Linda and I, fantastico. When we left 22 years ago there was in a sense no opportunity to experience closure for either of us. And in a very deep manner that is what God has given to us in these last five days. We hope and expect… (more…)

Argentina; Astonishing Lessons from the Past

We’ve been here now for four days and have met numerous people whom we worked with, ate with, laughed with, and knew deeply. Seeing them now after these twenty and more years I’ve heard many of them tell me about seemingly small things that I did or said that made a profound impression on their lives. What captures my attention… (more…)

Argentina: DayThree of Unlooked for Delight

The church in Ramos Mejia (a suburb of Buenos Aires) celebrated its 25th anniversary on Sunday night. I was glad to be there and to be able to share a little bit of how the work began so many years ago. Even at this distance I remember the seeming impossibility of the task that had been given of planting a… (more…)

Enjoying some of the Best Food in the World

Yesterday we had supper (delicious Argentine pizza) with our worship leader of 22 years ago, a man who hails from Chile originally. Two other very dear friends who were part of our church plant were also with us. To be physically present with these friends who were in intense spiritual battle years ago with us– and to see, hear, and… (more…)

Arrival in Beautiful Argentina

This morning at 5:am our time our Boeing 767 taxied to a stop in Argentina. The trip started being a blessing while our friend and brother Eugene Clarke was driving us to the airport. For some reason we got onto the subject of worry and he was sharing how he simply refused to do that, that it wasn’t part of… (more…)

Making the Most of Every Opportunity

The Christmas season is upon us. And if its like past years zealous Christians, jealous for the true meaning of the season will begin fighting with the pagans for the privilege of wishing them a “Merry Christmas” instead of, “Seasons Greetings” or whatever. I propose a new way of looking at the situation, and using it as an opportunity of… (more…)

Return to Argentina

In just two days time my wife, Linda, my son Andrew, and myself will be flying to Argentina. We left there in December of 1987 fully intending to return after a one-year furlough in Canada. Alas, near the middle of 1988 we concluded that due to our Andrew being born mentally challenged we would have to find a new mission… (more…)