Monthly Archives: September 2009

Islam’s Many Faces

Encountering the true Islam by Royal Hamel His name was Aladdin. In the late afternoon on a sunny day we met on a walking path that circled a beautiful man-made lake. Aladdin was reticent at first, but eventually he acknowledged that he was a Muslim from the Middle East. He seemed astonished at my unfeigned delight in meeting him. For… (more…)

Concerned by THE SHACK

The Shack: Pilgrim’s Progress or Heresy?[1] If you haven’t read The Shack, you probably have a friend who has. It is currently one of the hottest books on the market. The novel, written by William P. Young and published by Windblown Media, has to date sold more than eight million copies. It debuted on the New York Times bestseller list… (more…)