Monthly Archives: June 2009

Sin Beats Up Victims and Leaves them for Dead

Just recently an old friend came back into my life. I hadn’t seen Oscar (not his real name) for a coon’s age. He broke off friendship because he didn’t want me around while he was ruining his life and marriage by an all consuming addiction with alcohol. But like the prodigal he has seen the error of his ways; he… (more…)

I’d Rather be in Hell with my Friends

Just last night someone poured out her heart to me about heaven and hell. Turns out she is fearful that many beloved family members will not be in heaven. And so she raises the question, “What if I would rather be with my loved ones than in heaven”? A very profound question indeed. But, Jesus spoke directly to this issue.… (more…)

Scattering Seed While Biking in a Park

Thought I would tell you how the adventure of witnessing of Christ is continuing to unfold in my life. I share not for my glory, but for His…and to show how he can use any old clay pot. Here’s what happened yesterday, Sunday, June 6: 7:30 am…I was in Tim Hortons having a coffee break while on a morning walk.… (more…)