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Condemning the Murder of George Tiller

George Tiller was murdered in the foyer of his church today in Wichita, Kansas. Over the years he had become a lightening rod of controversy in the abortion debate because he was one of the few who was willing to perform late-term abortions. I denounce his killing in the strongest possible terms as being sinful, immoral, and fundamentally contrary to… (more…)

YES WE MUST BE OPEN TO THE CULTURE, BUT NO…we cannot baptize sin

Last night I was at a meeting here in Guelph in which we were talking about how Christians can more effectively communicate the good news of Jesus. In a DVD shown the speaker pointed out that a great many Christians today are without knowing it, longing for a better past, kind of a golden era when Christian values were generally… (more…)

Fierce the Conflict

Norman Cliff has written a fascinating book on persecution of Christians in China titled, Fierce the Conflict. In one chapter that deals with the famous Watchman Nee, Cliff recounts how Nee in 1950 returned to China from the safety of Hong Kong for he believed that God wanted him back in the country to preach and witness. “Nee was aware… (more…)

CONVERSATION IN HELL (Because its still Easter)

If you were here on Christmas Eve, perhaps you remember the conversation we heard between Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness—Satan, the Devil, the Evil One and his assistant, Wormwood. Today, they return. So imagine, if you will, a conversation, about this time of day, on the very first Easter. A conversation in hell. Sir, I have that preliminary damage report,… (more…)

Prophetic Preaching

I don’t know if you know John Piper or not. But if you have any interest at all in the subject of ending abortion you will not be sorry you took five minutes out of your busy day to see the following video on Utube taken from a sermon by John Piper. If this is what a truly prophetic word… (more…)

Bravo to the brave Miss CaliforniaMay 19, 2009 The Guelph MercuryRoyal hamel The United States is embattled in an escalating culture war on the issue of same-sex marriage. If the battle plays out as it did in Canada, many Christians and many churches will run for cover instead of speaking clearly what the Bible has taught for 2,000 years. But… (more…)

Darkness in America

The scandal of the most anti-life president in history speaking at Notre Dame continues to amaze me. How and why he was given permission by the Catholic hierarchy to do so is simply beyond me. Not being Catholic my knowlege fails me here, for I’m naive enough to think that the bishop in charge of the school should have had… (more…)